What is Homecoming?

There's no doubt that homecoming in Texas is huge. For those that are not from the Lonestar state or have recently moved here, it can be shocking to see the large and showy crafts worn around the neck. If you're one of those people, this is for you.


Homecoming is a great way for students to show school spirit and support their football team. It is a Texas tradition that dates back decades. While mums have gotten bigger over the years, the idea of bringing the student body together and cheering on their team holds strong. 


Girls wear homecoming mums, named after the flowers resemblance to the chrysanthemum flower. They are traditionally pinned to the shirt but in modern days, are worn with a neck strap/lanyard because of the weight and practicality. 


Males wear garters. They are mums that are attached to an elastic band worn on the bicep. Typically worn to match a mum, nowadays boys are wearing them with or without a date to help promote school spirit.


Seniors traditionally have all white and a silver or gold accent color mums. They also will make overalls that are painted or have patches sewn into them. It is a fun craft and helps spotlight the seniors at the homecoming game!


Now that you know a little bit more about the southern tradition of homecoming, browse our gallery to see some of our creations! 


Until next time,

Hoco Galore

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