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7.5" Flower (Single, Double, Triple or Quad)

Your choice length. 12" or 16".

Add-ons and upgrades custom to you and your school!

Base price includes:

- Standard 3 Layers of basic ribbons

- Specialty ribbons/trinkets custom to your school/activities

- 1 Military Braid

- 1 Flat Braid

- 1 Whip Braid

- Name Cutout(s)

- Homecoming 20XX Cutout

- 1 Deluxe No-Itch Garter Band

  • Please fill out every drop down where applicable.
  • If you are ordering a matching mum and garter, please denote order number in box or we ask that they are included in the same order.
  • For multiple orders or orders for different schools, please fill out the information for each item accordingly and add to your cart. Each mum/garter is its own item. 
  • If you need assistance placing your order please contact us at
  • The more upgrades and add-ons you select, the higher the price. Prices will be seen at checkout.
  • If you have a reference photo for your order, feel free to reach out to us via email at - Please include the following in your subject line: ORDER NUMBER, NAME, ORDER REFERENCE PHOTO
  • If we have any questions regarding your order or require further consultation, we will contact you.
  • Mums pictured include various add-ons/upgrades.

Shipping & Returns

We offer shipping, local pickup and delivery (depending on location). Please see our FAQS for more information.

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