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Add-On/Upgrade for your mum.

Includes: Three cascading mum flowers of your choice with BACKINGS.

The Waterfall is an innovative and NEW upgrade introduced in recent years by others in the homecoming industry. Also known as the Cascading Mums, the Waterfall is a show-stopper and a great addition to any homecoming order.

Available for mums only. All waterfalls come with BLING.

We offer the following options for Waterfalls:

- Peewee Waterfall: Three 5.5" cascading flowers

- Standard Waterfall: Three 6.5" cascading flowers

- Double Peewee Waterfall: 2 Peewee Waterfalls on each side of mum

- Double Standard Waterfall: 2 Standard Waterfalls on each side of mum

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